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"Black turtlenecks" - that's how we call our future graduates. They are future Steve Jobs. For now they are students, but you will certainly hear about them in the future.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA

    BBA at SKACC is unique of its kind of programs. Alongside the academics students get international corporate exposure, work opportunities and multi campus study options across Asia.

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  • Bachelor of Smart Computing - BSC

    BSC program is objectively aimed at developing strong programming fundamentals and giving futuristic orientation by exposure to world's one of the most technologically advanced economy of South Korea.

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  • Bachelor of Hotel Management - BHM

    BHM program provides insights into Hospitality Industry, exposing students to benchmark practices of industry globally. The program provides necessary skill set for a rewarding career in Hospitality Industry.

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Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is a Bachelors level Degree program with concentration on Business Management related key functional areas. The program gives students exposure to global benchmark practices of top notch companies through a specially designed pedagogy engaging students in practical learning through practice, problem solving, interacting with industry leaders and exposure to dynamic developed economy of South Korea.

Bachelor of Smart Computing

BSC is Bachelors level Degree Program designed to Master the Cyberspace & Emerging Communication technologies while building strong foundation of programming fundamentals. The program features fundamental and esoteric subject areas of smart computing. Students pursuing the program have direct exposure throughout the program of latest in the field. South Korea one of the most dynamic and developed economies of world in contemporary and emerging Computing Technologies.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

BHM is a Bachelors level Degree Program directed towards top starred facilities of Hospitality industry. The program consists of areas covering the best practices in Hospitality industry throughout the world. The South Korean flair provides much needed cutting edge for successful career in range of industries in Hospitality sector besides the Hotel Industry.

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