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Shakarim Kyungdong Academic Collaboration Centre

SKACC has been established with intention of providing the following:

  • Multicultural Learning (Korea and Kazakhstan together with the country of each student’s own).
  • More employability in more countries.
  • Comfortable and cheaper study pathway to Kyungdong University (KDU) Global Campus in Korea: the Students are allowed to transfer to KDU Korea after 1 year with 100% credit transfer.
  • A variety of scholarships are available.
  • Double Degrees of Shakarim University and Kyungdong University.
  • SKACC to emerge as Centre of Excellence for Professional Education in Central Asia.
  • When transferring to KDU, the students are guaranteed for 50% scholarships. Even more for the students who have achieved good academic results during the study in SKACC.
  • SKACC curriculums are delivered under the leadership of Professor John Lee, the President of KDU Global Campus. All the campus operations are supervised directly by Professor John Lee.
  • The Medium of Instruction for all the courses in SKACC is English.

Shakarim University

Shakarim State University (SU) is ranked on the 9th place among the top ten and one of the best chosen Kazakhstan Universities according to National Ranking system by egov.
Shakarim University was established in 1995 as a result of integration of Pedagogical, Veterinary and Technological Institutes. The University inherited long and rich history of those educational institutions.
The University trains the specialists of the broad spectrum of acclaimed professions in the areas such as socio-humanitarian, natural, technical, agricultural sciences, business and law on the basis of multilevel preparation of more than 40 Bachelor, 30 Master and 5 PhD programmes.
In the globalization and information era, SU recognizes the necessity of interdependency between nations. Therefore, the global community is encouraged to work together for better understanding. As a result, Universities are expected to play an important role in improving the quality of human resources in science, technology, arts and humanities. SU always endeavors to improve the quality, service and resources to achieve a sustainable and competitive capability.


Professor Meir Yeskendirov
(Rector of SU)

Professor Meir Yeskendirov, Rector of SU is a Doctor of Historical Science, General Director of National Congress of Kazakhstan’s historians’and prior to his present assignment was Executive Director of the “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Leader of the Nation”.
His excellence in academics and distinguished services to academia have been recognized by the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan. He has been bestowed with following medals of Honour:
- Medal of Honorable worker of Education of the republic of Kazakhstan (2006).
- Medal for significant progress in teaching and upbringing young generation (2008).
- Medal for “20th anniversary for the independence of Kazakhstan” (2011).
- Medal for “25th anniversary for the independence of Kazakhstan” (2016).
He has authored 80 scientific researches. Professor Meir Yeskendirov is leader of different international and regional projects in the field of education.

Kyungdong University

Kyungdong University was founded in 1981. Its founding name was Dong-U College. This school aimed to develop students to become holistic, well-rounded, creative, humanistic, faithful, and practical professionals. It was organized as a professionalized two-year college teaching Business Administration, Accounting, Public Administration, Tourism, Food and Nourishment, and Early Childhood Education to help the development of the community. Dong-U College had successfully developed more practical courses such as Computer Science, Production Management, and Dental Technology.
In 1997, Kyungdong University was founded with global and international extension goals. More community based and globalized professionals were produced. Kyungdong has been trying to serve the community's educational needs such as Regional Innovation System (RIS), Commerce, Industry & Energy, Deep Ocean Water, Leisure & Resort, and Social Welfare. While pursuing these goals, Kyungdong University was recognized as an IT Specialized University by the Board of Education. Furthermore, in 2008, Kyungdong University was one of the best achievers as to employment rate for the graduates. To cater for more specific community's educational needs. Kyungdong University opened Wonju-Munmak Campus (2009) and Yangju Metropol Campus (2014). To cope with local and global educational needs, Dong-U College merged into Kyungdong University in 2012.


Professor John Lee
(President of KDU)

John Lee holds BSc (Physics: Korea University), MSc (Computer Science: Yonsei Univiversity), ME and PhD (Computer Science: Sydney University). He has over 37 years of industrial, research, academic and managerial experience, as Project/Technical Leader and President/Vice President of Universities in Australia and Korea.
John is currently the President of Kyungdong University Global Campus in Korea.
He has published numerous research and technical papers in the area of Advanced Data Base Technology (transaction processing algorithms, concurrency control and recovery algorithms, hot spot handling algorithms), Algorithm Modeling and Verification, Software Engineering, Total Quality Management Systems some of which have resulted in commercial products. He developed a Master Plan for Software Total Quality Management System for Samsung Data Systems Co.
He was the project leader of three major research projects (ASTQM, Handling a hot spot for current transactions, High performance transaction processing algorithm for mobile computing) in Australia. He was a technical adviser to Samsung Data Systems.
He was the Director of the Research Centre for Advanced Software Engineering and Technology at University of Western Sydney Macarthur, Australia. He was the Secretary and a founder of the IEEE Yuforic.

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