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Bachelor of Business Administration

This Course is designed to provide students with global business competence and international management skills necessary to become effective employees globally. This course offers wide range of subjects to prepare students to function effectively in complex organizations, small & medium enterprises or in the public sector.

General Objectives:

1. Understands the theory, operations, and challenges of global business, social networking business, linkages and coordination with partner institutions.
2. Recognizes the importance of cultural diversity, understand various leadership styles, and demonstrates sense of control and organized working structure.
3. Ability to evaluate problems; interprets and analyzes results, and provides alternative solutions in making decisions.

Specific Objectives:

1. Analyze financial statements and budgetary performance, identify mechanism to cut costs and prepares sales reports.
2. Demonstrate competence in English communication, business presentations, and drafting client correspondence using proper format and appropriate content.
3. Applies computer skills, such as software and information systems necessary in the global technology setting.

Employment Opportunities:

- Banking & Finance
- Corporate Executives
- Marketing, Distribution, Logistics, Retail & Sales
- Insurance & Risk Management
- Consultancy & Management Personnel
- Communication & Law
- Human Resources, Recruitment, Training & Development
- Public Relations

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